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Whats your view on religion? What do you believe?


I’m sorry I have never answered this question candidly around here before. Thanks for asking- I hope my answer won’t be cause for too much vitriol here on the internet, but real-talk now:

I believe in Jesus, that he was the son of God and that he was resurrected on the third day after being crucified for crimes he did not commit. I believe Jesus was the single most important figure in human history, and that he showed us what it means to love. I believe that Jesus is Lord.
I am a Christian- I have a hard time laying claim to any one particular denomination. 
What’s with all the theological church-lingo? (I’m sorry- I’ll try to be less ‘churchy’ in the way I communicate- I also want to be clear and open)

What does this have to do with art? concept art? comics? 

To me: Everything. 
I can’t separate the two things- because in my life I have been profoundly affected and changed by the story and presence of Jesus. And not just in me, but the people around me- my family, my friends, my community. I’ve seen actual lives changed and been deeply loved and encouraged.
When I lost my job, my grandfather, a relationship and a childhood pet all in one fell swoop- the Church community and my family were there to pick me up in some pretty profound ways. It’s hard to bicker over the finer points of theology when someone loves you enough to feed you when you can’t feed yourself. Realizing that that sort of generosity comes, in their case, from a desire to follow & imitate Jesus was eye-opening.

I have plenty to regret in my life, and a long road of improvement ahead- but my hope is rooted in my faith. I don’t believe I am called to judge or condemn anyone else- but I have to be honest about my own experiences and convictions. I don’t believe I am perfect- but I do believe that God loves us so much that he forgives our shortcomings and brokenness through Jesus (you know…that sin thing nobody wants to talk about). 

I believe that there is hope and that it triumphs over darkness.
I believe that there is love at the center of the universe, and that true love that chooses to sacrifice and give rather than to take for itself is the greatest power against darkness, hate, bitterness, rage, envy, and every other awful thing we do to eachother.
I honestly believe that Jesus is the embodiment of that love, and that his victory is the literal victory of that love and hope in the world- that is why I am full of joy as Easter approaches! Love wins, and it is a time we get to celebrate that! 

I think all stories we tell have their root and their power in the story that God is telling through the whole world, and that we get to be part of it. So I see every drawing and artistic effort I make as an attempt to celebrate and remind myself and others of how loving and good God is. I am convinced that Jesus is way more important than my art career.

There’s some pretty amazing and inspiring stuff in the Bible that isn’t often talked about- many people are content to set Christians up as straw-men to be lambasted or ignored- I hope you won’t do the same here. I am just a person, and the same person whose art you’ve enjoyed. 

I don’t want to fight you about it- I do want to make art that inspires you and hopefully speaks to you regardless of what you believe or where you are in your journey. I’m still a work in progress- I don’t have all the answers and I’m not an amazing theologian.

But since you asked, this is what motivates and drives me, and I’ll not be able to keep that entirely under-wraps. I’m still working out my faith, in a lot of ways, and I think it’s a journey as much as any part of life is. But I am sure that I think Jesus is awesome and that he has everything to do with making art if you’re open to it:

I’ve blogged more candidly about it here: http://nicholaskole.blogspot.com if that interests you. 

Much love,


This is a brilliant testimony, Nicholas! Thank you for sharing it!!


The Dam Keeper animated gifs based on short-film by Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo.


got some watercolor going again. Inspired by random guy in the car next to me one morning.


got some watercolor going again. Inspired by random guy in the car next to me one morning.


Elbion, El despertar de Nagah animation project by spanish Sunshine Animation studio (watch teaser).


we went on a field trip to the zoo last week

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Skip the Use - Nameless World


Reblogging, because this is a better quality version than the last link I had.

Once again, music video set into the world of Zombillenium, by Arthur De Pins. The book should be turned into an animated feature film.


It’s Springtime again! And you know what that means~
Pollen everywhere


It’s Springtime again! And you know what that means~


Pollen everywhere